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Notification: "This portfolio has some inconsistencies, they are flagged in the list of securities held." I can't see the flags?

If you are receiving a red ribbon notifying you have some inconsistencies in your portfolio. 

- Navigate to the 'Securities' Tab 
Under Securities Held 
- Click on the "Full History" button (on the right hand side) mceclip1.png
- Click on the "Code or Company Name" that has a yellow triangle. 
Under Trades and Adjustments 
- Click on the yellow triangle next to the transaction that needs to be corrected. 
** This will provide you an explanation of the inconsistency. 
- You will need to edit the transaction with the yellow triangle by clicking on the date of the transaction. 
This will bring up a pop up screen with the transaction details, edit either the transaction total, units, price per unit, fees or allocation of trade to correct the transaction. 
- Then click 'Save'. 

If you need assistance, please call our technical support team on 1300 676 333 or email