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Why does my profile alignment update more frequently during reporting season?

During reporting season you will always find large changes in green and yellow dots as the specific fundamental properties of stocks will change (even if they are still Star Stocks.)

For example, say a stock... prior to its latest result had forecast FY16 earnings growth of 100% before it reported. Now that these financials have been released, the new forecast for next FY17 year is circa 10% (though they did achieve the 100+% we anticipated.)

Examples such as this will always be most prominent around the reporting season as ROA, dividends, forecasts etc are changing all the time. Once the reporting season is over will you find that the suggestions will settle down and you can make your decisions as required.

If you are interest in learning more about the system here are two help articles to read "How does the optimiser/constructor select the appropriate stocks?" and "What risks in stocks does the Portfolio Constructor/Optimiser manage?".

However do note, when a stock goes Red it will have nothing to do with the risk measures in the optimiser described above. It will go Red because it has been deflagged as a Star Stock (or may not have been one in the first place) and therefore action is recommended. This functionality worked throughout the reporting season.