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Portfolio Manager: Automatic Trade Reallocation Tool

Automatic Trade Reallocation Tool

This tool allows you to reallocate trades for a given security after a given date using a specified allocation method and will help you fix inconsistently allocated trades (these are flagged with a hazz.PNGicon.)

In the Portfolio Director:
- Select the appropriate Portfolio

Under the heading "Securities Held"
- Click on the Company name or code that you are looking to reallocate trades.


Under the heading "Trades and Adjustments"
Click on Other Transactions button 
- Select Reallocate Trades

This will display a dialog with the following wizard steps:

Step 1. Select the Date you would like the automatic sell allocations to begin from, then click on the Deallocate Sells button.


Step 2. This screen shows which sell trades were be deallocated, Click the Next button

Step 3. Specify your sell allocation method from the drop down menu, then click the Allocate Sells button

Step 4. This confirmation screen, shows which sell trades were successfully allocated, Click Close to finish.

You will now notice under Trades and Adjustments, that the inconstancy icon/s have been removed from the successfully reallocated trades.


Repeat this process with any other securities you have in your portfolio that are flagged with the inconsistencies.