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Can I use the Portfolio Constructor/Optimser on non Lincoln preferred stocks?


You can only run the constructor and optimiser on Lincoln preferred companies. This is deliberate because these tools are constructing and managing portfolios aligned to a selected objective and we need the confidence that the stocks recommended pass Stock Doctor's benchmarks. 

In order for us (and yourself) to have confidence in an automated system like this, it is essential that the pool of companies being considered have passed Stock Doctor's stringent research process. If the tool were to recommend stocks Lincoln does not prefer then it would be counter-intuitive and could potentially be misinterpreted by clients as a sign that Stock Doctor likes the business.

At all times our Lincoln preferred companies are our recommended list of stocks for investors to consider relevant to their objective of either Capital Appreciation or Income.

The Constructor and Optimiser tool then takes it to a new level where we look to help construct and manage a portfolio aligned to an objective using the Stock Doctor Star lists as our investable universe.