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What do the status circles mean in the Portfolio Optimiser?

The Portfolio Optimiser utilises a traffic light system to help investors identify a stock's position within a portfolio and selected profile.

The status circles reflect the following:

  • Green: The company fits within the profile selected
  • Amber: Though the company does not meet the properties of a stock within the selected profile, however it is still a Stock Doctor preferred company
  • Red: The stock does not meet the selected profile nor is it a preferred company. Action is recommended

The status circles make it easy for an investor to determine whether a stock is suitable for the appropriate profile selected and therefore allows them to make quick and informed decisions.

The optimised suggestions are then brought to the investor’s attention allowing them to research a manageable selection of companies selected on appropriateness to their profile and a potential investment’s alignment to that profile given current holdings


Users also have the ability to remove a stock from the Optimiser process so as that it does not notify them that the stock is out of alignment. This may be because the stock holds a tactical/specific role within the portfolio for an investor and therefore they wish to exclude it from the Optimiser process. 

By clicking on the lock symbol the stock will not be displayed within the status circles as being out/in alignment. It will be up to the individual investor to ensure the stock continues to meet their objectives.