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Recent updates

Recent Updates Tool allows you to filter important events including ASX company announcements, price sensitive updates, Star Stock changes and analyst commentary relating to companies listed in your watchlists, portfolios and Lincoln covered stocks over a range of time periods.

You can access this feature by clicking on the 'Tools' Tab, then selecting 'Recent Updates'.

In the left sidebar, the Companies section gives ability to focus on companies in our Stock Stock Coverage, your Portfolio, in your Watchlist, with alerts or individual stocks.

Using the filter 'Date Range',  you can then tighten/expand this time period from one day to a selected time frame 

Finally, refine the type of updates to focus on the criteria what matters most to you.

Click the 'refresh' button to run your search.

E.g. If you have been away during reporting season, you easily get a list of Star Stock recommendation changes in the last 30 days.

In the main window of results, click on the company code or name to bring up the companies 9 Golden Rules screen.

A coloured Star next to the company code indicates it's a Lincoln preferred company. The exclamation symbol indicates it's a price sensitive announcement.

On the right of the result descriptions you will see a 'Red Bell' icon with a number. The number on the bell indicates the number of alerts you have created relating to this company, if the icon is red this indicates an alert has been triggered. Clicking on this bell icon will direct you to the Alert Manager page.