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Stock Doctor update v. - 29/02/2024

The enhancements in this release are part of our commitment to constant innovation through member feedback and ongoing development, all designed to support your long-term investment success:

Changes to Home Page:

  • Improved Markets Panel, bringing back market charts. You can now switch between table and chart views. Access market charts across a range of financial landscapes directly from the home page. Chart the trends of international market movements, along with US and Australian futures markets, commodities, forex trends, and Bitcoin movements. The new market charts view provides easy-to-read charts with intuitive market icons, allowing you to quickly switch between different market landscapes across selectable time periods.

Changes to Portfolio Manager:

  • New Dividend confirmation and Reconciliation feature, allows you to confirm automatic dividends and capital returns created by Stock Doctor against your share registry statements.
    Note: The first time you navigate to the new Reconcile tab in your portfolio, you may notice a list of unconfirmed distributions and capital returns. We recommend you use the "Add the Reconcile date" feature to confirm all distributions up until the end of the financial year you have completed your last tax return e.g. 30/06/2023.

    For more information on this feature, please click here

Changes to Stock Filter, Watchlist and Corporate Details:

  • Introduction of Proxy Index Constituents, reliable data is a cornerstone of our investment process, enabling us to evaluate facts rather than opinions. However, one of our our primary data providers, Standard and Poor's (S&P), has recently updated their agreement to restrict the distribution of their S&P Index constituent data to unlicensed third parties. As a result we are unable to display S&P index constituents in Stock Doctor.

    To ensure our Stock Doctor members are not adversely impacted, we have introduced our own set of proxy Index constituents. These are designed to approximate the composition found in the S&P Indices and are ranked according to market capitalisation and liquidity. We will rebalance this composition monthly to maintain its relevance and accuracy. Learn more.