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What has changed in the latest Stock Doctor release? - November 2023

The enhancements in this release are part of our commitment to constant innovation through member feedback and ongoing development, all designed to support your long-term investment success:

Changes to Home Page:

  • Improved design, layout and navigation

  • New Insights Section features a collection of timely and informative articles.
    Benefit from education and unique analysis delivered by Stock Doctor’s Research team.

  • Revamped Markets Panel now encompassing a comprehensive range of financial landscapes all on one easy to read panel. See local and international market movements, along with US and Australian futures markets, monitor commodities, forex trends and Bitcoin movements. The revamped markets panel provides an intuitive display of trading ranges across selectable time periods.

  • New ASX Market Movers Panel allows you to easily visualise sector trends and identify the best and worst performers using dynamic bar charts that display percentage changes for each sector's index. Get a quick visual overview of the number of fallers, and gainers on the market. All customisable from dropdown lists, you can focus on specific pre-defined list of stocks or drill down into a sector, highlighting the top gainers and losers. Helping you identify trending sectors and stocks in an instant over a range of time periods.

  • Improved Portfolios Panel allows you to now view more information of your portfolios, providing you insights on your dollar movement, percentage change, total value, profile alignment and alignment with your investment profile.

    A standout feature is you can now view is the Financial Health of your portfolios, represented by a unique, colour-coded indicator. This metric is calculated using the weighted average of the individual financial health scores of your stocks within a given portfolio.

  • New Latest Announcements Panel notifies you of the latest company announcements from within your portfolio and watchlists. This innovative feature not only keeps you informed of the latest price sensitive announcements but also provides you with a quick overview of the relative price reaction for each announcement. This calculation compares the price movement against the company's ASX 200 sector index. Allowing you to gauge the markets responses to an announcement in a glance.

  • Improved Alerts Panel provides a comprehensive overview of your most recent triggered alerts, keeping you well-informed about significant movements and events. It also indicates whether the alerted stocks are part of your portfolio or watchlists, enabling you to quickly assess their relevance and impact on your investment strategy. 
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  • Added Latest Star Stock Updates Panel which provides access our latest Star Stock inclusions/exclusions and latest analyst comments. This feature not only keeps you updated but also indicates whether the discussed stocks are part of your portfolio or watchlists.

Changes to 9 Golden Rules Page:

  • Introducing the Mentions Tab within Analyst Comments Panel keeps you up to date with the latest Lincoln articles and videos pertinent to the company in view. It presents a curated list of our most recent published content associated with the company.


Changes to Portfolio Manager - Home Screen:

  • Added Average Financial Health Rating allowing you to view your entire portfolio's financial health.

  • Our new Portfolio Average Financial Health rating, represented by a unique, colour-coded indicator is calculated using the weighted average of the individual financial health scores of your stocks within a given portfolio, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your portfolio's overall financial health.

Changes to Portfolio - Securities tab:

  • Added Financial Health Rating column under Securities Held:  Our financial health ratings are now seamlessly integrated alongside each security holding, complemented by a consolidated Average Health Rating.

    This addition now allows you to do a swift overview of the holdings in your portfolio and access the financial health of your portfolio, helping you identify any high-risk un-healthy companies with ease.

Research page renamed to Star Stocks

  • Research tab is now named Star Stocks

Changes to Mobile site 

  • Improved Home screen to replicate our new home screen desktop experience.

    Research now named Star Stocks

Changes to Daily Digest 

  • Added Average Financial Health (Avg. Health) to 'My Portfolios' table.