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GoNoGo Trend


GoNoGo Trend indicator colours the price action of any security according to the strength, this identification is based on a blend of objective, widely proven, statistical indicators. The bar/candle colours; PurplePinkAmberAqua, and Blue make it simple to identify and interpret the current trend:

Purple: Strong No-Go
A deep purple color indicates a strong downtrend. The weight of the evidence within the calculations are at the most bearish conditions. A firm stop for long positions and a tool value investors use to delay entry while awaiting market confirmation.

Pink: Weak No-Go
A weak or weakening bearish trend turns the bars pink. By building sensitivity into the calculations, traders can identify areas of countertrend correction, consolidation, or potential trend reversal as securities go through a bottoming process.

Amber: Neutral “Go-Fish”
When painting amber bars, the security is exhibiting directionless conditions It’s not a good time to enter a trade to the short side or long side, but rather a time “to go fishing” as Jesse Livermore famously said.

Aqua: Weak Go
Lighter aqua bars appear when trend conditions weaken or become less bullish, as might happen at the beginning of a trend or as a strong trend is correcting or consolidating.

Blue: Strong Go
Bright blue bars indicate a strong trend. The unique blend of inputs are all measuring bullish conditions for the security’s price trend. Another interpretation (for derivatives traders) is the “cover shorts” signal.

The “Go” and “NoGo” labels on the chart mark transitions to bull or bear trends, respectively.