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Aussie Broadband (ABB) acquisition of Over The Wire Holdings (OTW) - March 2022

Here are instructions on how to account for the takeover of OTW by ABB in the Stock Doctor Portfolio Manager.

Our example assumes an original OTW holding of 1000 shares, with a purchase price of $2.00 on 28 September 2017

Default Combination of cash and ABB shares option (i.e. 80% cash/20% shares)


Step 1: In Portfolio Manager, on the Securities tab, Under Securities Held click the OTW holding 


Step 2: Click on “Other Transactions” and select “New Reconstruction


Step 3: Change the date to 16 March 2022

Step 4: Enter the codes as “ABB

Step 5: Multiply your original holding of OTW by 0.283. In our example 1,000 x 0.283 = 283
(**please check your statement)

Step 6: Type “100” in the Cost base rolled over field.


Step 7: Click on the “Income and Capital Return” Tab up the top of the screen

Step 8: At “10. Capital Return” enter the dollar amount you received. This should be the original holding of OTW multiplied by $4.332. In our example 1,000 x 4.332 = $4,332
(**please check your statement)

Step 9: Click “Save” and the reconstruction is complete.


**If you elected a Mix and Match Consideration, please enter the amount of ABB shares you received in Step 5 and your capital return in Step 8.**