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Why has Stock Doctor flagged inconsistencies (yellow triangles) in my portfolio after importing trades?

The inconsistency icon will be displayed on the Individual portfolio manager screen and under 'Securities Held' against each security that has an inconsistency.

Clicking on the company code or name next to the inconsistency icon, will direct you to the Securities screen. 

You will notice a similar icon against any transaction with an inconsistency under 'Trades and Adjustments'.

Clicking your mouse on the inconsistency icon will display a tool-tip, showing the type of inconsistency.


The different types of inconsistencies that can exist are:

  • There is no previous buy transaction to be allocated to this sale (this could be because you changed brokers, import history isn’t complete or a corporate action has occurred e.g. bonus issue)
  • Trades where the total allocations does not match the quantity.

Once you have entered any missing buys or corporate actions, if the inconsistency (yellow triangle) still appears, you will need to manually re-allocate the sell transaction.

In the example below, the Sell transaction of 400 shares has not been allocated to any buy transaction. 

To manually fix this transaction, we'll need to click on the Date next to the trade in question. This will bring up the Edit trade screen. (see image below).

The "No. of Shares" value should match the (bolded) Total of the "Quantity to sell" column.

The most likely cause for these to be different, is when the "Allocation of trades" drop down is set to Manual.

Any other value for this option will automatically calculate the "Quantity to sell" values based on the initial No. of Shares value - our current default is "Smallest Capital Gain".

Once you have selected an option from the 'Allocation of trades' drop-down menu, click Save to apply changes