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Company Screen Lock

The company screen lock feature enables you to lock a selected 9 Golden Rule company screen tab, allowing you to switch between company's while remaining at the tab currently in view. 

When you navigate to a 9 Golden Rule screen, you will notice a lock icon on the right hand side of the company toolbar.

By default the company screen lock feature is disabled, symbolised by an unlocked icon 

You can enable the Company lock feature by selecting any item from the Research Tool bar e.g. Financial statements, then click on the unlocked icon at the end of the grey Research toolbar.

Now, that you have locked the Financial metrics tab, then next company selected from the ' Company Search' or folder list will be opened on the Financial metrics screen.

To turn off this feature, simply click on the lock symbol again and it will toggle to an unlocked icon.

When unlocked you will be directed to the 9 golden rules screen again for any searched or selected company.

Note: This feature will automatically become unlocked on a new browser session.