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QAV Checklist Filter

The QAV Checklist filter is currently available for new Stock Doctor trialists, or members that are also QAV members.

If you are an existing Stock Doctor member and QAV member, you can manually add the filter into Stock Doctor by following the instructions below.

**Note: the QAV Checklist Filter has been designed for QAV podcast members. 

Navigate to

1. Click Tools > Stock Filter

2. Click 'Build a New Filter' Button, Enter filter name QAV Checklist Filter. Click Create New Stock Filter.

3. Untick 'Inc. Unclassified'

4. Under Filter Criteria,  Enter filter criteria shown in image below.
** Click (+) icon to start entering criteria 


5. Once finished entering all criteria shown in image above, Click 'Save Criteria' 

6. Click ''Run' to be shown a list of results.

** Once you have saved this filter, it will be available for you to use in the future under the My Filters section.

If you need assistance entering this filter, please call us on 1300 676 333.