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Block Inc (SQ2) acquisition of Afterpay Ltd (APT) - January 2022

Block Inc (SQ2) formerly known as Square, Inc. (Square) acquired Afterpay Ltd (APT), and shareholders of APT were issued shares in SQ2. Eligible APT shareholders will receive 0.375 shares in SQ2 for each APT share.

Each APT security was exchanged for 0.375 SQ2 security on the record date of 21st of January 2022.

To account for this acquisition in the Stock Doctor Portfolio Manager, see instructions below:

  1. Click the Portfolio button on the top of stock doctor, then select your portfolio
  2. Click the APT holdings within your ‘Securities’ tab under ''Securities Held
  3. This will bring you to the screen below, select the ‘Other Transactions drop down menu highlighted and select ‘New Reconstruction
  1. Complete the ‘General tab’ of this screen as follows:
    • Date = 21/01/2022
    • Number of shares = your total number of shares held, in this case 1,000
    • New holdings for which rollover relief applies
      • Code = SQ2
      • Quantity = your share holding x 0.0375, in this case 1,000 x 0.375 = 375 (compare this to your current holding statement for rounding)
      • Cost base rollover relief % = 100%
  2. Complete the ‘trade allocation tab’ as follows:
    • Quantity held = quantity allocated (allocate all your holdings, in this case 1,000)
  3. Click Save