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Stock Doctor update v. 31/03/2022

This release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes, including:

Changes to Golden Rule 4 (Share Price Sentiment) and Advanced Charting tool

Based on member feedback, we are proud to announce as part of this release you can now plot the following criteria in the Golden Rule 4 chart and Advanced Charting:

  • Golden Rule 2 growth criteria applicable to the company's industry specific factor model, such as Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Return on Inv. Capital, Net Profit Margin, Revenue and EPS.
  • Golden Rule 3 criteria: EPS Forecast 12-month 3-month revisions.
  • Golden Rule 5 Valuation ratios: PE and PEG.

See list of new studies below:

  • Added Return on Equity (%) (GR2)
  • Added Return on Investor Capital (%) (GR2)
  • Added Return on Assets (%) (GR2)
  • Added Net Profit Margin (%) (GR2)
  • Added Revenue ($) (GR2)
  • Added EPS (₵) (GR2)
  • Added EPS Forecast 12m (₵) (GR3)
  • Added PE (Price to Earnings) (GR5)
  • Added PEG (Price/Earnings to Growth) (GR5)

You can simply apply them onto a chart from the top dropdown menu under Golden Rule 4 or selecting them from the Studies menu in the Advanced Charting tool.


Changes to 9 Golden Rules – Golden Rule 2, Watchlist, Stock Filter and Alert Manager

  • EPS Forecast Year 1 3M Revision (%) name change to EPS Forecast 12M 3M Revision (%) as the calculation has changed from the next period's forecast to the forecast 12M from the current date.

Changes to 9 Golden Rules Company Toolbar

  • Added a Company Screen Lock feature, which enables you to lock a selected 9 Golden Rule screen. When locked it allows you to quickly switch between companies, while remaining at the same screen. E.g. When you are on the Financial Statements screen and change companies with this lock set (locked), the Financial Statements screen will be displayed for the new company.


Changes to 9 Golden Rules – Peer Comparison Table

  • Added Golden Rules row, allowing you to easily relate a Golden rule to a criteria.
  • Added column Consensus Target 3M Revision (%).

Changes to Alerts

  • Under the Consensus price target change’ section:
    • Added Consensus price target 3m (%)alert with change, fall and rise options.


  • Added change, fall and rise options to current Consensus price target (%)alert.


  • Under Consensus price target change’ section:
    • Added fall and rise options to both Consensus EPS estimate change’ alerts.


Changes to Resource Centre

Changes to Pending Dividends

  • Fixed issue with column headers going out of alignment on narrow screens.

Changes to Stock Filter

  • Fixed issue with ‘Price to Cons Tgt (%)’ criterion showing results older that 6ths.

Changes to Portfolio Manager

  • Added 2 new trade allocation methods when entering a Sell transaction, under the Allocation of trades drop down:
    • Largest capital gain net of CGT concession
    • Smallest capital gain net of CGT concession