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Woolworths Group Limited (WOW) Off Market Share Buyback – 26th August 2021

Instructions to account for the Woolworths Group Limited (WOW) off market share buyback announced on 26 August 2021. These instructions will only apply to you if you successfully participated in the off-market share buyback. In this buyback, the deemed consideration of $39.86 , the price you received was $34.46 (being the finalised discount of 14%), with $30.15 deemed a fully franked dividend component and $4.31 deemed a capital component. The market value deemed by the ATO was $39.86.

The example uses the following data and assumptions, please amend accordingly for your individual circumstances.   

1000 WOW shares purchased on 6 Jan 2021   

Share price at 6 Jan 2021                    $ 35.00

Cost:                                                     $ 35000.00

Brokerage:                                            $29.95

Total cost:                                             $ 35,029.95

You nominate 120 shares (from your parcel of 1,000) for the buyback. 

Instructions for Stock Doctor 

  1. Click on the 'Portfolio’ tab and then click on the appropriate under ‘My Portfolio(s)’, which includes the WOW shares.
  2. Under the ‘Securities Held’ section, find the row WOW. Click the drop-down button next to ‘Transactions’ on the same line, and select ‘New Buyback’.


3. In the New Buyback dialogue box:


3a. Enter the Buy-back date as 18 October 2021. 

3b. Enter the No. of shares is (this should be the number of shares you elected for the buyback). 

3c. Enter $ 34.46 as the Per Share amount for Total Received Including Income ($).  The Total ($) should auto-calculate. 

3d. Enter $39.86 as the Per Share amount for Market Value (deemed by ATO) ($).  The Total ($) should auto-calculate.   

3e. Click Enter Income, found in the bottom right-hand corner if this window.  This should take you to the next ‘Income’ dialogue box.   

  1. A new ‘Income’ dialogue box tab should appear:
     Franked Income ($) is $ 3,618.00 i.e. $30.15 per share for .   

4b. The Franking Credit ($) is $1,550.57 i.e. $30.15 per share for 120 shares. ($30.15 x 30% / 70%)

4c. The totals should auto-calculate.


4d. Click the Enter Trade Allocation button to go through to the Trade Allocation tab of the dialogue box.  

  1. You should be in the Trade Allocation tab of the Dialogue Box.

5a. Allocate the trade from the drop-down box: Oldest First, Newest First, Smallest Capital Gain, Largest Capital Gain, or Same Proportion of Each.   

5b. The quantity to sell should match the amount you nominated for buyback (or scale back amount).  

5c.  Click Save


You have now accounted for the WOW buyback of August 2021.