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Code change: Magellan High Conviction Trust (MHH) to Magellan High Conviction Trust - Managed Fund (MHHT) - August 2021

Here are the instructions to change the share code from MHH to MHHT:

  1. Please click on MHH in your portfolio manager
  2. Scroll to the Trades and Adjustments area and click on the button called “ Other Transactions” and the click on “New Reconstruction”
  3. In the pop out window endure the date is correct, looking at the announcements, use the 30 August 2021 as the date, and in the box titled “New holdings for which rollover relief applies”, please fill in the following:
  4. Code is the new code of MHHT, Quantity is the number of shares being rolled over and Cost base rolled over (%) is 100
  5. Then click on the blue “Save” button found in the bottom right-hand corner