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Galaxy Resources Limited (GXY) / ORE Orocobre Limited (ORE) Merger - August 2021

With the regulatory approvals secured, the merger between GXY Galaxy Resources Limited and ORE Orocobre Limited was implemented on 25 August 2021. 

Inside your portfolio manager please click on GXY Galaxy Resources Limited Merged with ORE Orocobre Limited.

To account for the merger in Stock Doctor, please perform the following steps:  

  1. Under 'Portfolio Director', click on the portfolio containing GXY.
  2. Under 'Securities Held', click on GXY. This will take you to the GXY securities screen.

Under 'Trades and Adjustments', click on the down arrow next to ‘Other Transactions’ and choose ‘New Reconstruction’.


  1. In the new dialogue window that opens, enter the following information in the ‘New Holding for which rollover relief applies area’:
  • Date: 25/08/2021
  • Code: ORE
  • Quantity: Enter the quantity per your statement (which will be the Number of shares in GXY x 0.569). 
    ** In this example, we have considered 1,000 shares of GXY for which the quantity of ORE shares is 569, but this should be modified to reflect your own holding.
  • Cost base rolled over (%): 100.
  • Now click ‘Save’. 


You have now accounted for the merger between GXY and ORE.



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