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What has changed to the Borderline Star Growth and Star Growth Stock selection process?

Borderline Star Growth Stocks now need to meet the existing Star Growth Stock selection criteria: Satisfy our primary and most important Golden Rules 1, 2 and 3.

Previously Borderline Star Growth Stocks were selected based on a larger qualitative overlay and a subjective analyst call on the likelihood of meeting Star Growth status in the near future.

Now the entire universe of Growth Stocks will be ranked against key factors, to distinguish between the elite Star Growth Stocks from Borderline Star Growth Stocks.

The ranking process will be run regularly giving Borderline Star Growth Stocks the potential to move into the Star Growth Stock category and vice versa. Members should be aware that although movement between the two Growth Stock categories will be minimal, it can occur more frequently during reporting seasons.

Our enhanced process can best be summarised in this diagram:SD_QuantitativeModel_StarGrowthStocks_FINAL_NoHeading.jpg