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Why is Lincoln no longer displaying the performance of Borderline Star Growth Stocks?

One of the changes you may have noticed is that we no longer provide performance tracking of Borderline Star Growth Stocks (BSGS).

Following rigorous back-testing of the new Star Growth Stock and Borderline Star Growth Stock selection process, that performance for Borderline Star Growth Stocks is no longer useful. As over time, the number of Borderline Star Growth Stocks fluctuated between 0 and 40 as companies move in and out of Borderline Star Growth Stock classification during economic downturns, for example, the number of BSGS drops significantly, causing a concentration that is not reflective of the longer-term makeup or performance of our Star Growth Stock list. 

Borderline Star Growth Stocks are Growth Stocks that rank outside the top 30 Growth Stocks based on our propriety Z Score ranking. Still, they represent high-quality businesses that pass our Golden Rule 1 Financial health, Golden Rule 2 Past Financial Performance and Golden Rule 3 outlook and active risks.

We continue to encourage members to construct their portfolios with a combination of Star Growth Stocks and Borderline Star Growth Stocks to help reduce portfolio churn and achieve strong performance through diversification and a broad spread of quality businesses.

We've made these changes to ensure our Stock Doctor members can continue to use Star Growth Stocks and Borderline Star Growth Stocks as a robust and reliable base to construct, manage, and optimise share market portfolios.