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WAYPOINT REIT (WPR) Capital return and consolidation - Nov 2021

In order to account for the Waypoint REIT capital return of 17 cents per security and consolidation of 0.9382 securities for every one security currently held, please follow instructions below.

Instructions for the Stock Doctor Portfolio Manager:

Capital Return

The WAYPOINT REIT (WPR) Capital return will Automatically appear in the portfolio manager under ‘Trades and Adjustments.’


To account for the consolidation,

  1. Under ‘Securities Held’ find the row WAYPOINT REIT (WPR)
  2. Click the drop down arrow button next to ‘Transactions’ on the same line, and select 'New Consolidation'
  3. Put in the date (10/11/2021)
  4. Enter: Each 10000 units becomes 9382 units
    **Check your Holdings after adjustment date (refer to your portfolio/broker account)
  5. Click Save