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TPG Telecom Limited (TPM) / Vodafone (VHA) Merger & Tuas (TUA) Spin-off - August 2020

TPG Telecom Limited (TPG) completed the merger of TPG Telecom (TPM) and Vodafone (VHA) merger and Tuas (TUA) spin-off.

Eligible TPG shareholders will receive:

  • One share of the Merged Co (TPG) for each TPG (TPM) share held.
  • A special dividend of $0.516 per share.
  • One Tuas Limited Shares (TUA) for every two TPM shares held, issued by way of a non-cash in-specie dividend of $0.6799 per Tuas share.

The ATO has issued a Class Ruling CR 2020/41 for this merger, and a copy can be obtained on the TPG website at

Instructions for TPG shareholders who acquired their TPG shares on or after 20 September 1985 (post-CGT shares). 

  • Click on the 'Portfolio’ tab 
  • Then, Click on the appropriate portfolio under ‘My Portfolio(s)’, which includes the TPG shares. 

Investors will note the TPM shares will have automatically been converted to TPG within the portfolio manager and the Special Cash dividend will have automatically been received under 'Income and Expenses' for TPG. 




To account for the TUA shares received  

  • Under Securities Held
  • Click on New Buy
  • In the New Buy pop-up window, enter the following:
  • Code: TUA
  • Trade Date: 13/07/2020 
  • No. of Shares: Input number of shares received (one Tuas Limited Share to every two TPM Shares.) 

Ensure to check your statement to determine the exact number of shares as rounding up/down could affect your total TUA holdings. ** In this example, we have considered 10 shares of TPG for which the quantity of TUA shares is 5, but this should be modified to reflect your own holdings ** 

  • Price: 0.6799
  • Click Save


You have now accounted for the merger between TPG Telecom (TPG) and Vodafone (VHA) merger and Tuas (TUA) spin-off.