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Stock Doctor update v. - 24/10/2019

This release includes improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Alert Manager
    • Added Delete obsolete alerts notification  - for alerts that haven't changed in 12 months not held within a portfolio.
    • Added Email trigger checkbox column.
    • Added Intraday checkbox column.
    • Added Number of portfolios in which company is held column.
    • Added 'Edit' alert button.
    • Changed functionality of the Alert description column. Now when clicking on an alert description, it will direct you to the area within Stock Doctor relevant to the Alert.
      e.g. If you had an alert created for 'Updated analyst comment' for BHP.  Clicking on the alert description will direct you to Analyst Comments section on the 9 Golden Rules page. 
    • Added thresholds to consensus EPS and consensus valuation changes Alert.
    • Fixed issue with Valuation alerts, now allows 0% difference from valuations and industry average PE.
    • All fields are now sortable.
  • Corporate Calendar
    • Fixed issue with missing latest WOW Ex-div and Payment dates.
  • Portfolio Manager
    • Resolved issue with CETF not displaying data.
  • Enhancements to speed and performance