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Suncorp Group Limited (SUN) Capital Return and Consolidation - September 2019

Please see the below in order to account for the Suncorp Group Limited (SUN) $0.39 per share return of capital and 1: 0.971 share consolidation. 

Instructions for Stock Doctor

Capital Return

The Suncorp Group Limited (SUN) Capital Return will automatically appear in the portfolio manager under ‘Trades and Adjustments.’


To account for the 1 for 0.971 consolidation,

  1. Under ‘Securities Held’ find the row Suncorp Group Limited (SUN)
  2. Click the drop down button next to ‘Transactions’ on the same line, and select 'New Consolidation'mceclip2.png
  3. ‘Adjustment Date’ is 30/09/2019
  4. ‘Type of reconstruction’ should be changed to Consolidation
  5. Change “Each 1 unit(s) becomes 1 units” to “Each 1,000 unit(s) becomes 971 units
  6. Check that the adjusted figure for “Holding after the reconstruction date” matches with your statement – if not then make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Should you wish to enter notes for this transaction, please do so under ‘Notes’mceclip0.png
  8. Click Save