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Stock Doctor update v. - 20/06/2019

This release includes improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Daily Digest
    • Fixed issue with performance figures showing for portfolios with zero holdings.
  • 9 Golden Rules Screen
    • Improved how LIC’s and ETF’s are now displayed on our 9 Golden Rules screen. Under Golden Rule 2, you’ll notice all key quantitative criteria are now visible and under the Peer Comparison section, you will be able to assess how they are performing compared to their peers. Note: Securities without a GICS code will not display a peer comparison table.
  • Watchlist
    • Resolved issue with data for (MOT) MCP INCOME OPPORTUNITIES TRUST not appearing.
    • Fixed issue with SD30TSR (Stars Only) criteria showing for non-star stocks. 
  • Alerts
    • Fixed issue with price alerts not triggering correctly for hybrid securities.
  • Portfolio Manager
    • Resolved issue with securities bought prior to market open not appearing under Securities Held.
    • Resolved issue with not being able to edit Cash Account and Other Asset names.
    • Fixed pie graph legend under Other Assets
    • Resolved bug with "Return on" today percentage showing abnormal value if a buy/sell entered during trading hours.
    • Fixed issue with Value report not showing individual open trade positions in specified date range. 
    • Resolved issue with inconsistencies being flagged for companies that had buy and sells on the same day.  
    • Restored missing dividend ex-div 7/5/19 for NMT.
  • Enhancements to speed and performance