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Chart Folders

Folders Tab

Within this tab you can find any ASX listed company using the folder system documented in the following table.




Star Growth Stocks

Current Stock Doctor® Star Growth Stocks. You can run over the entire list of Star Stocks using preferred indicators for analysis using both fundamental and technical criteria. Note: stocks within this folder cannot be edited.

Borderline Star Growth Stocks

Current Stock Doctor Borderline Star Growth Stocks

Star Income Stocks

Current Lincoln Star Income Stocks.

Star Stock Portfolios

Star Stock Performance (Total Return) - NEW

Under Review

Currently is currently under assessment

Star Stock Outs

Company's where Star Growth Stock status or Star Income Stock status has changed to Non-Star in the last 12 months.

Lincoln Fund Total Returns

Total return indexes for the Lincoln funds


This folder is linked to the Portfolio function and replicates your holding by displaying a sub-folder for each of your portfolios.
Note: to add or remove a company from this folder, you can only do so by changing a trade in your Portfolio.


This folder is linked to the Watchlist Tool. 
Note: adding or removing a company from this folder can only be done by changing an entry in the Watchlist Tool.

Companies (alphabetically)

Companies sort by name

Companies (by industry)

Allows you to search for a company code according to the GICS classification.


Key S&P/ASX indices and Key market indexes from around the world. You can display these by themselves or overlay them on a stock price chart.

Index Futures

E-Mini NASDAQ Futures, E-Mini S&P500 Futures and ASX 200 Futures - NEW

Commodities (USD)

Prices (in US dollars) of raw agricultural and mineral and oil products on the futures exchange and Spot prices (in US dollars) of metals and oil.

Exchange Rates

Key currency exchange rates.


Lists the most recently viewed securities. By default the last 20 securities are displayed.

In order to open a folder either click on the little ‘>’ sign located to the left of the folder, or alternatively double click on the folder.

Once a folder is open it is possible to scroll through the list of the companies located in that folder without opening each company individually. This is done by clicking on the Up/Down arrows on your keyboard.