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Event Overlays

Events can be overlayed on the main price chart to help explain share price movements.

These include Price Sensitive Announcements, Star Stock rankings and Ex-Dividend dates.

  • Clicking the Events tab on the left will display a list of Event Options:

  • Ticking a Price Sensitive Announcement  or Ex-Dividend date  Event type will plot a circle icon at the bottom of the chart on the date of the event.
  • Clicking on an Event icon shown on the chart, will display a pop-up more information about the event (See image above).
    * If it's a Price Sensitive announcement, it will have a Document icon.
       Click to view the Full Announcement in PDF format.
  • Clicking the event icon again will Close the pop-up.

  • Ticking a Star Stock In /Out will overlay a Star Icon above the price bar on the date of the event. 

Star ✔ indicates In Date, Star X indicates Out Date