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Iron Mountain (INM) acquisition of Recall (REC) Instructions - May 2016

Iron Mountain (INM) acquisition of Recall (REC) Instructions

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With the regulatory approvals secured, the takeover of Recall Holdings Limited (REC) by Iron Mountain Incorporated (INM) was implemented on 2 May 2016.

As a REC investor, if you made no election, you would receive mixed compensation per Option 1 below consisting of USD $0.50 per share plus 0.1722 INM shares. If you elected cash consideration, you would have received AUD $8.50 per share.

Option 1:

US $0.50 cash per security (AUD $0.6485) and 0.1722 Iron Mountain Shares, AUD/USD exchange rate as the Record Date 27/04/2016 of 0.7710, transaction completed on 2 May 2016.

Total consideration is $8.98 based on INM share price of AUD $48.40

Option 2:

AUD $8.50 cash per share 

Option 1: Instructions – no election made

  1. Click the Portfolio button on the top of stock doctor, then select your portfolio
  2. Click the REC holdings within your ‘Securities’ tab
  3. This will bring you to the screen below, select the ‘Other Transactions’ drop down menu highlighted and select ‘New Reconstruction’


  1. Complete the ‘General tab’ of this screen as follows:
    1. Date = 2/05/2016
    2. Number of shares = your total number of shares held, in this case 1,000
    3. New holdings for which rollover relief applies
      • Code = INM
      • Quantity = your share holding x 0.1722, in this case 1,000 x 0.1722 = 172 rounded (compare this to your current holding statement for rounding)
      • Cost base rollover relief % = 100%


  1. Complete the ‘Income & Capital Return tab’ as follows:
    • Item 10. Capital return = $0.6485 x your share holding, in this case 1,000 x $0.6485 = $684.50 (this should agree to the cash you received)


  1. Complete the ‘trade allocation tab’ as follows:
    • Quantity held = quantity allocated (allocate all your holdings, in this case 1,000)
    • Click save


  1. Securities held tab – confirm processed correctly
    • Select the ‘All button’
    • Your INM holdings should equal your share holding x 0.1722 shares (rounded), in this case 1,000 x 0.1722 = 172
    • If you click into the REC security screen, your cost base should equal your original cost base less the capital return component (your total share cost - $648.50 in this case)
    • Congratulations you have completed accounting for the takeover.

Option 2: Instructions –elected cash consideration

  1. Click the Portfolio button on the top of stock doctor
  2. Click the REC holdings within your ‘Securities’ tab
  3. Select ‘New Sell’
  4. Enter the date as 2/05/2016
  5. Enter the price as AUD $8.50 per share
  6. Enter transaction costs as nil
  7. Click Save
  8. Congratulations, you have accounted for the takeover of REC
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