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BHP/OST Spin Out - October 2000

One Steel (OST) was spun out from BHP Billiton (BHP) in October 2000. Under the scheme, eligible shareholders received one OST share for every 4 BHP shares held. Each BHP share held underwent a capital reduction of $0.66 per share, such that the cost base for each OneSteel share is $2.64.    

In this example, you originally held 1,000 BHP shares purchased at $8.00 with an associated brokerage fee of $29.95.  So the original cost base is $8,029.95. 

  1. Enter the Portfolio in Stock Doctor and select the portfolio containing the BHP shares 
  2. Select BHP under ‘Securities Held’.
    • In the new securities window, find the ‘Other Transactions’ button under the ‘Trades and Adjustments’ section.
    • Select ‘New Capital Return’.
    • Date Received is 20 October 2000.
    • Amount is 0.66 per share. The Total Received should update automatically.
    • Click Save
  3. Now click Back to Securities
    • Enter a new buy, by clicking the New Buy button.
    • The Trade Date is 20 October 2000.
    • The No. of shares is the original number of BHP shares divided by four, rounded down. In this example, the number of OST shares is 250. 
    • The price is $2.64 per share.
  4. Click Save

You have now accounted for BHP/OST spin out in Portfolio Director. 

Please note this instruction has been prepared to the best of our knowledge and available information at this time.

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