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Allocating unassigned trades

Portfolio Director screen displays a column with the number of unassigned trades per portfolio.


 You may have unassigned trades because: 

  • You have made a trade/s directly through the Bell Direct website.
  • There is one or more other portfolios that have the same Bell Direct account number allocated to them
  • The security code for the trade is unknown.

To allocate unassigned trades

  • Select the Portfolio in question.
  • Under the Unassigned Trades section
  • Tick the trades you want to assign.
  • Click the Assign button to assign them to this portfolio.



If the security is not a current code, it will be displayed with an inconsistency icon (exclamation mark) in the check box column with tool tip “This trade is for an unknown security”.

  • There will be no check box to select this row, so it can be assigned (or deleted).
  • If a code subsequently arrives from our upstream provider for this security code the row will move to that company.


How to place a trade online through Stock Doctor?

Using the Desktop order pad

Placing a trade online directly from the Portfolio Optimiser or Constructor