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Macquarie Group (MQG) and Sydney Airport (SYD) Reconstruction - Jan 2014

On 13 January 2014, Macquarie Group (MQG) distributed 1 Sydney Airport (SYD) stapled security for every MQG share held. This distribution comprised a capital return of $2.5737 and a special  dividend of $1.1563 (based on SYD closing price of $3.73 on 10 January 2014).

In addition, MQG completed a 1 for 0.9438 share consolidation at the end of 2013. Please see the instructions below in order to account for these changes in Stock Doctor. 

  1. Enter Portfolio Director, and select the portfolio holding MQG. 
  1. Enter the security code MQG. 
  1. Under trades and adjustments, on the far right click on the drop down arrow next to Other Transactions and select New Capital Return. Type in the following information: 
  • Date Received : 13/01/14
  • Amount per share: $2.5737
  • Enter a note saying "MQG capital return" or something similar and click Save. The capital return portion should now be accounted for. 
  1. Under Income, click "New Dividend" to add a new income transaction. Enter the following information: 
  • Payment Date: 13/01/14
  • Ex-Dividend Date: 16/12/13
  • Dividend Type: Special Cash
  • Franked Income: Enter 40% of the Special Dividend amount ($0.4625 x number of MQG shares).
  • UnFranked Income: Enter 60% of the Special Dividend amount ($0.6938 x number of MQG shares).
  • Enter a note saying "MQG special dividend". Click Save - the special dividend should now be accounted for. 
  1. Next we need to account for the 1 for 0.9438 consolidation, so under Trades and Adjustment, on the far right click on the drop down arrow next to 'Other Transactions' and select New Consolidation. Enter the following information: 
  • Adjustment Date: 23/12/13
  • Type on Adjustment: Consolidation
  • Holding after the adjustment date:  Enter the amount per your statement. To check, your “New Holding” is equal to the “Old Holding” multiplied by 0.9438. Click Save. We have now accounted for the share consolidation
  1. Finally we need to account for the distribution of SYD stapled securities, click on Back to Securities which will take you back to the main portfolio screen. Click on New Buy and enter the following: 
  • Security code: SYD
  • Trade Date: 13/01/14.
  • of Shares: Enter the Quantity as the same number of original MQG shares that you held (ie. prior to the share consolidation).
  • Price: $3.73
  • Fees: $0.0
  • Add a note along the lines of “SYD in specie distribution from MQG holdings”. Click Save. 

If you need any further assistance, please contact us on 1300 676 333.