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How to enter a Loan account in the portfolio manager?

 Creating a new Loan Account

  • Navigate to the Portfolio Director
  • Select your portfolio
  • Click the Cash & Term Deposits tab
  • Under Liabilities Section
  • Click on the New Loan button
  • Type the Name of the loan
  • Type the initial Date of the loan 
  • Type the Initial Withdrawal (Loan Amount)
  • Click Save 


The new loan will now appear under the Accounts section.

Recording Loan Repayments

  • Under the Cash & Term Deposits tab
  • Click on the name of your Loan account
  • Under the Deposits and Withdrawals section
  • Click on New Deposit button
  • Type the Deposit Date
  • Type the repayment Amount
  • Select the cash account you would like to use for sourcing funds by using the source funds cash account drop down menu.
  • Click Save 


Recording Interest and Fees Accrued on a Loan Account

  • Under the Cash & Term Deposits tab
  • Click on the name of your Loan account
  • At the bottom of the page, under the Interest and Fees section
  • Click on New Interest/Fee button
  • Type the Date 
  • From the Deposit funds into Cash Account drop down menu, change the source to the Loan Account the interest or fee applies to.
  • Type in the Interest or fees as a taxable expense. 
  • All expenses need to be entered as a Negative number.
  • Click Save