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How do I create multiple alerts for a single company all at the same time?

The Alert Manager allows you create multiple alerts for the one company.

First open the Alert Manager and select "Create multiple alerts"


Step 1 is to type in the company code of the stock you wish to create multiple alerts for and then select 'Add'. Once you do that click on "Next"

Step 2 is to select the alerts you wish to create 


Step 3 is to then enter the parameters of each individual alert. Selecting 'Next' will take you to the next alert you wish to create.

For example, if you wish to set up 3 Alerts for stock ABC then once you complete the details of the first Alert clicking on 'Next' will make the second Alert appear and you would do the same until you reach the 3rd and final Alert where once you enter the details you can click on "Create Alerts" and all three will be created.

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