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Provides you with all the information you need immediately. The mobile layout is different to our full webpage to give you an improved, faster experience with mobile specific features.

Navigate to the Stock Doctor on your mobile, by typing in your preferred browser such as google chrome.

Navigation Menu

To access this menu, click on the three dashes located at the top left hand corner.

Clicking on any of the options provided on the left, will direct you to the page selected.


Home Panel

Portfolio Section: Provides you insights on your dollar movement, percentage change, total value, profile alignment, and Financial Health of your portfolios. Avg. Health is calculated using the weighted average of the individual financial health scores of your stocks within a given portfolio.
Price Sens. Announcements Section: Informs you of latest price sensitive announcements but also provides you with a quick overview of the relative price reaction for each announcement.
Alerts Section: Provides a comprehensive overview of your most recent triggered alerts, it also indicates whether the alerted stocks are part of your portfolio or watchlists.
Latest Star Stock Updates Section: Provides our latest insights on Star Stocks and access to the latest analyst opinions.
Markets Section: Provides a comprehensive range of financial landscapes all on one easy to read panel. See local and international market movements, along with US and Australian futures markets, monitor commodities, forex trends and Bitcoin movements.
ASX Market Movers Section: Allows you to easily visualise sector trends and identify the best and worst performers using dynamic bar charts that display percentage changes for each sector's index. Get a quick visual overview of the number of fallers, and gainers on the market or in a selected list of stocks.  
Stock Doctor Insights: features a collection of timely and informative articles. Benefit from education and unique analysis delivered by Stock Doctor’s Research team.

Star Stocks Panel

Provides you with the number of Lincoln preferred companies covered in each category. Each coloured circle represents a category. The number in the circle represent the amount of companies in that category.

Clicking the number in the circle will display the full list of companies in this category. By default the companies will be listed in order of Last Updated.

Selecting a company from this list by clicking on its code or name will direct you to the 9 Golden Rules page.

9 Golden Rules page

This screen provides an overview and easy to read snapshot of how a company measures against Lincoln's 9 Golden Rules.

Clicking on any number in the blue toolbar, will direct you to that Golden rule.

In addition, this screen houses the Lincoln analyst commentary, strategic comment, important events and latest price sensitive announcements.



Markets panel includes 'Refinitiv' International indices, commodity, Forex, ASX200 futures, S&P 500 E-Mini Futures and Nasdaq 100 E-Mini Futures charts and percentage changes. It's displays the percentage return over the selected time range.


Search Tool

To access this tool, click on the Magnifying glass icon located at the top right hand corner.
This search box allows you to find companies by company code or name.


Markets Panel

Provides you with the movements across key market indices.

Portfolio Director Panel

Provides you with a snapshot of your portfolios performance, alerts you to companies no longer meeting your investment profile and the health of your portfolio.

Watchlists and Alerts Panel

Provides you with an overview of triggered alerts and company movements. Simply click on the arrow to expand the list of stocks in a particular watchlist. On the left of the companies listed in your watchlists and portfolio holdings you will see a 'bell' icon with a number. The number on the bell indicates the number of alerts you have created relating to this company, if the icon is red this indicates an alert has been triggered.


Corporate Calendar

Keep informed of company activities, lets you know when key events are occurring for businesses.

Resource Centre

Provides you access to the latest Lincoln Articles, Market Wrap Videos, Daily Communications & News, Stock Doctor Education videos, Educational White Papers and Lincoln Live Q&A Forum recordings. 

Contact Us

Provides you with Lincoln's customer service and support contact details.

Full site

This will direct you to Lincolns full website. Please be aware, as most mobile phones have small screens the full webpage may not display correctly. 


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