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Investor Profile Calculator

The Lincoln Share Market Investor Profiler is an easy to use tool that enables users to discover an investment approaches that may be suitable for them.

This can be access wither from within different sections in the Portfolio Director.

Simply answer a number of questions and the result will appear at the end of the process. You can then choose to run the profiler again and answer the responses differently to see what impact it has on the overall profile selected. This can then be used with Stock Doctor's Portfolio Constructor and Portfolio Optimiser.

It is important to note that this is not intended to be a substitute for personal advice from an appropriately qualified financial adviser, because it does not take into account your personal circumstances (including your objectives, financial situation or needs).

For the above reason, any statement made in the Profiler that a user is a particular type of investor, is not a recommendation that the user invest in particular shares or types of shares.