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The Research screen provides you with current updates to Lincoln Star Stocks, dynamic local and international market movements, latest analyst commentary, along with up-to-date share market news and insightful views from the Lincoln team. 

Select Research from the main navigation to access this page.  


Latest Changes to Star Stocks Panel

Provides you with the latest changes to Lincoln preferred companies. Each coloured circle represents a category. The number in the circle represents the number of companies in that category. Clicking the number in the circle will display the last 5 companies analysed. By default, the companies will be listed in the order of Last Updated. 

To view a full list of companies in a selected category, click the ‘All' button. 


Star Stock Performance Panel 

Provides you with a Star Stock performance chart with the ability to select a time frame and comparable market benchmark. Star Income Stock performance will also display yield p.a.

Note: We do not display Borderline Star Growth Stock (BSGS) performance. This is mainly due to the number of BSGS that can fluctuate from 40 to 0 as companies move in and out of the BSGS classification. During economic downturns, for example, the number of BSGS drops significantly, causing a concentration that is not reflective of the longer-term makeup or performance of our BSGS list. Performance tracking is therefore difficult, and treating BSGS as any other portfolio is potentially unhelpful for Stock Doctor members. Instead, our enhanced quantitative process treats BSGS like a list of quality 'substitutes' to Star Growth Stocks (SGS). We encourage members to construct their portfolios with a combination of SGS and BSGS to help reduce portfolio churn and achieve strong performance through diversification and a broad spread of quality businesses.


Latest Analyst Comments Panel

The panel provides you with updates to Lincoln Star Stocks and links to the latest analyst comments.

Click the 'View All' button to display an extended list of Analyst comments.




Stock Doctor Insights Panel

The panel provides you with links to our latest Lincoln 'Taking Stock', 'Stock Room' videos and Tim's messages.  



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