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Compare Tool

This function exists within both the Portfolio Constructor and Optimiser tools. After selecting up to 3 companies via the check boxes, and clicking the 'Compare' button, the Compare screen will be displayed.


This pop-up screen displays fundamental information for the selected companies summarised according to the 9 Golden Rules. This information is displayed side by side for easy comparison.


Different Golden Rules can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate links:

  • GR1 - Golden Rule 1 - Financial Health
  • GR2 - Golden Rule 2 – Past Financial Performance
  • GR3 - Golden Rule 3 - Outlook and Active Risks
  • SC - Strategic Comment
  • 4-8 - Golden Rules 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

In order to view the 9 Golden Rule screen for any of the selected companies simply click on, “Full Research”