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Portfolio Manager - Performance

The Performance section of portfolio manager is in essence a dashboard showing the performance of your portfolio against selected benchmarks. It also contains other information you may find useful in terms of assessing your portfolio holdings. 

The top part of the screen is a quick summary of your selected portfolio's total return (including dividends) against a selected benchmark index. All benchmarks used to compare your performance are Accumulation Indexes.

Besides the All Ords (XAO), you may select any of the following accumulative benchmarks from the drop down: ASX 20 (XTLAI), ASX 200 (XJOAI), ASX 300 (XKOAI), ASX MIDCAP 50 (XMDAI), ASX SMALL ORDS (XSOAI), International indices and Star Stock accumulative benchmarks. 

Depending on the inception date of your portfolio, you'll be able to see the time weighed return performance of your portfolio and benchmark over different periods including 1 Year (PA), 3 Year (PA) and 5 Year (PA), this financial year and since inception.


A timeline of your portfolio's performance against the selected benchmark, provides a visual guide on asset performance. 


The lower part of this page displays other useful information such as major portfolio movements and the performance of  portfolio constituents on a weekly, monthly and for 6 months basis.


The pie charts on the right hand side of the screen highlights your portfolio's sector and Star Stock exposure.This is a useful quick reference to check if you are applying diversification principles to your portfolio.