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Under Review

A stock which is Under review is currently under assessment.

Flagged with a Grey star, this rating occurs when a company is a current Star Growth, Star Income or Borderline Star Growth stock and there has been a major development that has meant the Stock Doctor analyst needs to perform a closer review of the figures. The stock will retain its Star status until the review is completed.

The more common events where this occurs are at the time of a half year / full year profit announcement or when the company has made a major announcement to market and something has changed the structure / focus of the company fundamentally.

The approximate time a stock is Under Review is 24 hours, though at times this may be longer if the situation under review is complex. You can see what the stock was prior to going under review near the price of the company on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once all information is assessed the stock will come out of under review status and it current status confirmed supported by analyst commentary and a change in valuation if required.


If you would like to discuss a company’ that is currently Under Review, members can contact our Research team via email at or speak to the team directly on 1300 676 333.