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The watchlist is a comprehensive monitoring tool with over 300 items to help you stay on top of how your companies are performing.

You can access watchlists by clicking on the 'Tools' menu and selecting 'Watchlists' from the drop down list.

Unlike the stock filter which is used to identify opportunities, the watchlist is used to monitor a group of companies that either you are interested in or currently hold within your portfolio.


The stocks in your portfolio watchlist will be automatically populated with your current holdings in the portfolio manager. 

Create a watchlist

In order to create a watchlist simply click on the "Create New Watchlist" button


Once you have the pop up presented to you simply give the watchlist a relevant name, select the default view you wish to have set for this watchlist and enter the companies you wish to monitor.

In order to save you time you can add multiple companies at once by separating codes with a space, then clicking '+Add'.


You can enter as many companies as you wish into a watchlist. However note, that only 15 can be added at once. 

To help you better manage the data you can click on a column heading and the data will sort across all the stocks in order to sort the information in the way you wish to view it.

If you select the watchlist you are creating as a favourite then it will ensure it will appear towards the top of the watchlist list. 

Create a new view

Given the watchlist has over 300 different criteria that can be monitored at once, what is key is the way you build your views in order to display the most important information.

Best practice is to build a number of different views to help you sift through the large amount of information available.

You can use the existing views:

Growth: Defined criteria to help you monitors stocks from a growth / capital appreciation perspective.

Income: Defined criteria to help you monitors stocks from an income perspective.  

Daily: A view designed to bring to your attention the important information of the day.

Or alternatively you are able to build your own views to suit your personal preferences. To do this simple click on the Edit button located next to the heading, 'View' and select, 'Create a new watchlist view.'

After you give you watchlist view a name, you can begin to enter columns to be displayed. In order to help you quickly navigate through the possible criteria you can use the filter box to put forward possible suggestions.

If you intend to enter a large number of criteria, then we recommend you freeze at the very least the first two columns in order to ensure that as you scroll to the right to view more data the company always remain visable.

You are limited to 30 criteria in any watchlist view. If you require more information then we recommend you build multiple watchlists.

As you identify the criteria you can add it by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right. You also have the ability to add multiple criteria at the same time by selecting multiple check boxes


If you wish to change the order of the selected fields simply select one and click on the arrows on the far right.

Once you have selected all your fields click on 'Save'. You will now be able to use the view to analyse your lists. You can even select it as a default view for any of your watchlists.