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Portfolio Constructor

Portfolio Constructor

The Portfolio Constructor is a revolutionary tool designed to assist new and existing investors implement an investment portfolio that caters for their needs whilst taking into account their risk profile.

This tool is accessible via the Portfolio Constructor 'Launch' button in Portfolio Director. Clicking on the 'Portfolio Constructor' button will display the Investor Profile screen


Investor Profile

The Investor Profile screen allows selection of the appropriate investment objectives:

  • Growth Focus - increase portfolio value through share price appreciation.
  • Income Focus - receive a steady stream of distributions.
  • General Focus - other objectives, like low volatility or no bias towards growth or income.

This objective can be further refined to better account for more specific risk and return profiles. e.g. 'Conservative - Growth Focus' . 

A short description is provided to aid selection. In addition, investors who require further assistance can click on the Investor Profile Calculator link to determine the appropriate profile.

The Use Profile button, will apply this profile and allow further refinements in the optional Advanced Investor Profile screen.


Advanced Investor Profile filter

This screen allows investors to add advanced requirements to their Investor Profile, allowing the Portfolio Constructor to better tailor a portfolio for specific investors.

Click Next

Clicking the Apply button will generate the results.



Portfolio Constructor Results

This is the key screen for the Portfolio Constructor. It displays a list of recommended companies as a starting point for a new investment portfolio.

This screen allows investors to make final adjustments to their preferences through a number of fuctions:

  • Adjusting the 'Weighting (%)' for each holding, showing the final portfolio weighting allocation.
  • Allow up to 3 companies to be compared via the checkboxes and 'Compare' function. Please see Compare for more information
  • Provide the ability to remove specific companies from the list via the '-' and '+' buttons, and the 'Run Again' button.
  • Weight Evenly button that will divide percentages evenly. 

To store the updated results as a starting template for a portfolio, click the 'Save as Watchlist' button.



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