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10 key things you must do to get the most out of the program

To help you get started here are 10 key things you will want to learn about the Stock Doctor program:

1. Learn about Lincoln's investment process and history

Link to: Lincoln's methodology

2. Understand the types of companies Stock Doctor identifies as Star Stocks 

Link to: Lincoln covered stocks 

3. Understand how to read the 9 Golden Rules screen for a company

Link to: 9 Golden Rules screen

4. Learn how to use the Portfolio Director, including all its features and how it allows you to stay in absolute control

Link to: Portfolio Director

5. Attend one of our education webinars to learn how to use the program 

Link to: Stock Doctor Education webinars

6. Discover the range of alerts that can be created within Stock Doctor

Link to: Alert Manager

7. Learn how to use the powerful Stock Filter feature allows you to quickly sift through the thousands of stocks on the exchange 

Link to: Stock Filter

8. See how the recent updates section ensure you never miss an important development for a company you are interested in

Link to: Recent updates

9. Understand why the Watchlist is all your fundamentals 'on-a-page' saving you a massive amount of time and effort

Link to: Watchlists

10. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for insights into how to use the Stock Doctor program at its optimum level

Link to: FAQs