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Corporate Calendar

To help you stay informed of company activities, the Corporate Calendar lets you know when key events are occurring for businesses.

It lists All ASX companies Reporting Dates, so you can keep track of results as they’re released to market. 

You can access the Corporate Calendar by clicking on the 'Tools' menu and selecting 'Corporate Calendar' from the drop-down list.


At a glance be in the know of upcoming Reporting Dates, Annual General Meetings, Dividend Information and Lincoln Events.

You can view upcoming or previous key activities using this Date Navigation bar at the top right of screen.


Adjust your search criteria for the many different type of key events in the 'Companies' and 'Event Types' menu located in the left sidebar.
You might only want Financial Results and AGM's for companies in your portfolios.
'Click the Refresh' button to run your search.


* Indicates forecast date based on last lodgement date for this event.


The Corporate Calendar can also be accessed directly from any company 9 Golden Rules screen, by clicking on the "Calendar" Icon in the top grey toolbar.