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Stock Doctor update v. - 21/11/2017

This release includes performance enhancements, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Portfolio Manager
    • Added Portfolio 'Return' breakdown report (Income $, Unrealised Capital Gain $, Realised Capital Gain $, Total Return $) on holdings.
    • Added 'Valued On' column in Other Asset - Value Report.
    • Widened columns in Transaction log PDF report.
    • Added dividend 'Reinvested' column in Income Report. 
    • Improved reporting to three decimal placing on unit price fields (current, average, bought/sold) on Transaction Log, Value & Return reports.
    • Enabled floating headings on portfolio manager tables and reports.
    • Added consistency check on trades for when quantity, unit price and fees do not add up to the total.
    • Added 'Distribute Final Dividend' function for Other Assets (Lincoln Managed Fund, Other Managed Fund, Other and Other Security).
    • Moved summary to the top of the capital gains, value and income reports. 
  • Enhancements to speed and performance