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Stock Doctor update v. - 26/10/2017

This release includes performance enhancements, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Portfolio Manager
    • Improved TWR logic to avoid negative daily return.
    • Fixed 1 day performance calculation to account for same day transactions.
    • Enabled special characters to be used in 'Notes' section.
    • Fixed issue on 'Performance' tab with 'Today' figures not updating during trading hours. 
  • Portfolio Director
    • Fixed profile alignment circles appearing over 2 line when double digit.
    • 'Total Return ($)' now adjusts according to the Return period selected at bottom of table.
  • 9 Golden Rules Screen
    • Added missing PMC dividend for August 2017.  
  • Stock Filter
    • Added new Search criteria: "Star Stocks In Date" and "Star Stock Out Date" . 
  • Watchlist
    • Added new View fields: "Star Stocks In Date" and "Star Stock Out Date".  
  • Portfolio Optimiser
    • Added profile alignment coloured dots to 'Suggested optimised trades' view orders screen.
  • Enhancements to speed and performance