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Stock Doctor update v. - 14/09/2017

This release includes performance enhancements, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Portfolio Manager
    • Added 'Value Report of Individual open trade positions' to assist with new SMSF tax regulations.
    • Added Sorting to 'Securities Held' table.
    • Included intraday data for 4 letter code EFT's 
    • Added a 'Back to Securities' button on the 9 Golden Rules page if navigated from Security Transactions screen.
  • Alert Manager
    • Added Bell Direct Order pad button. 
  • Watchlist
    • Included the ability to mass-delete watchlists. 
    • Added Bell Direct Order pad button.
    • Fixed issue with table not displaying correctly on iPad Pro.
  • Stock Filter
    • Added Criteria: 'Return on Capital' and 'Earnings Yield'. 
    • Fixed issue with business description results, 'View Details' pop-up was not displaying correctly.
    • Added option to exclude companies held in your portfolio.
  • Recent Updates
    • Fixed All/None drop-down options for Update Types.
  • Pending Dividends
    • Added 'Security Type' column 
  • Enhancements to speed and performance