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Stock Doctor update v. - 24/08/2017

This release includes performance enhancements, improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Alert Manager
    • Fixed issue that stopped you saving multiple alerts when one was already triggered.
  • Watchlist
    • Included Lincoln Star Stock dynamic watchlists.
    • Added field "Strategic Comment Last updated".
    • Added field "Gross Profit Margin".
    • Added field "EBITDA".
    • Added criteria "Dividend payout ratio”.
  • Stock Filter
    • Fixed issue that prevented you from saving your results over an existing watchlist.
    • Added criteria "Gross Profit Margin".
    • Added criteria "Dividend payout ratio". 
    • Added criteria "EBITDA".
  • Recent Updates
    • Improved User Interface
  • Portfolio Manager
    • Under securities held, figures will be displayed in black if there's been zero change.
    • Enabled Foreign income section, for entering foreign currency distributions. 
    • Fixed issue where star icons were appearing next to hybrid securities.
  • Portfolio Director
    • Added Events to the "Updates to Stocks in your portfolio's" section; Financials Updated, Lincoln valuations, Strategic Comments and Lincoln Preferred stock events.
  • 9 Golden Rules Screen
    • Improved last price refresh time/date stamp.
  • Enhancements to speed and performance